Exporting Cashewnuts to more than 20 countries across America, Europe and Middle East

Over the years, Tulsi Cashewnuts have become the preferred choice for various reasons:

  • Properly Graded: We have installed automated grading and color sorting machines for proper and accurate grading of our products
  • Proper Sterilization & Fumigation of products: All the processing, cleaning, sterilization and fumigation tasks are carried out under the guidance of skilled inspectors ensuring high quality of our products
  • HACCP certifies plants: Across our facilities we maintain high level of hygiene conditions, the brightest proof of which is all our plants being ISO 22000 and HACCP certified
  • Specialized Packaging: We use vaccumized packaging flushed with inert gas for longer shelf life and retention of natural nutrients
  • Customer satisfaction: Through our products, we have laid importance on quality leading to maximum customer satisfaction
  • On time Shipments: Timely delivery of our consignments will adhere to your needs and deadlines

For exports Query

Please contact Mr. Rohit Bajaj at:

Mobile: +91-9878050705

Email: bajaj@tulsi.biz